Satsang – The Company of Truth

When Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj is not in the Chicago area, Sunday programs, called satsangs, continue at the Naperville center. We’d like to invite you to these satsang programs.

“Satsang” is a Sanskrit term comprised of two words: “Sat” means “truth,” and “sang” means “in the company of.” The word describes an assembly of seekers who are keen on assimilating spiritual truths. “Satsang” also describes the forum at which those spiritual truths are given out. The truth being described refers to the wisdom expressed by a realized being — one who has completed the  journey of spiritual awakening and shares with others the knowledge born of that experience. Of course, these are not any Master’s unique spiritual truths; they form the esoteric core of every great wisdom tradition.

As Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj says, “All satsangs are basically the same because there is only one truth. The truth is that we are all souls and we need to go back to our spiritual Father.” In fact, this call to spiritual awakening is the central message of all Science of Spirituality programs, but especially so of satsang.

Every Sunday satsang at the Chicagoland center is dedicated to a theme. A sampling of some of the upcoming topics include:

  • Human Unity and Respect for all Life
  • Rising Above Body-consciousness
  • Practical Tips on Improving Meditations
  • Living in God’s Will
  • Overcoming the Fear of Death
  • Gratitude and Thankfulness

As stimulating as these topics may seem, Science of Spirituality teaches that intellectual content is only part of the satsang experience. Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj would often say that spirituality cannot be taught; it must be caught—through the spiritual charging that emanates from a realized saint and permeates his satsang. That charging, or uplifting spiritual energy, infuses a satsang whether the Master is physically present at a satsang or not. Catching that charging requires clearing the heart and mind and opening oneself to the divine radiation present in a satsang. We call that state of mind receptivity.

In many ways, the proper mindset for a satsang is the same mindset we all bring to our meditation practice. We leave behind all that is of the world without and completely open ourselves to the spiritual truths being expressed through the satsang.  We attend satsang with what Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj calls the attitude of an empty cup, hoping to be filled with the unmatched peace and spiritual fullness that pervades the satsang.

We hope to see you at a satsang soon. Programs are held every Sunday at 2:30 at the center in Naperville. They are followed by a free vegetarian lunch and fellowship.

One Response to “Satsang – The Company of Truth”

  1. K.D.Sajnani Says:

    Hon.Maharaj ji.
    You r truly a real sant who guide us time to time to take right step towards right direction.

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