A Man and His Pan

Markus Schramm is the founder, owner, and Baker-in-Chief of Manna Organics, LLC, a certified, organic wholesale bakery in Lisle, Illinois. He will present a food demonstration as part of the “Living Vegetarian” series of programs at A Weekend of Spiritual Wellness in Lisle on November 27 and 28.

by Markus Schramm

Growing up in Bavaria, Germany, my family and I were used to our flavorful and savory foods. Becoming a vegetarian, my mom experimented successfully with alternative foods like tofu, gluten, soy etc, using the same flavoring we were used to.  I learned a lot from her – a celebrated author of 7 vegetarian cook books in German.

As a business owner and a father of two, my wife’s and my lives are very busy and we look for dishes that are delicious and nutritious but easy to prepare.  Whatever we cook has to please my children. I make dishes that I remembering enjoying as a child.

In this cooking demo, I will present my all-time favorite – Tofu Cutlets – a very easy-to-make, yet delectable tofu dish, which will be served on toasted artisan Bavarian sourdough bread.  Add a salad of your choice and you will have a meal that will please all of the members of your family and will be healthy with grains, greens and protein.

As healthy breakfast option, I’ll present sweet and scrumptious vegan Cinnamon-Date French Toast, using sprouted Manna bread as base.  Guaranteed to hit a high note, this delicious and healthy breakfast meal takes only minutes to prepare, and will send you and your loved ones off with a nutritious start into the day, packed with slow releasing energy from the organic whole grains.

Please come and enjoy a fun-filled, informative cooking demo and help us eat these great dishes!

I look forward to meeting all of you and sharing these family recipes with you.

Markus’ food demo will be presented at A Weekend of Spiritual Wellness at 10:00 am on Saturday, November 27h.

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