Meditation..It’s Not What You Think

by Mona Grayson

When I lived in California I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt with a silhouette of a person sitting in meditation and the phrase: “Meditation….it’s not what you think.”

It made me smile because I quickly saw two ways to take the expression, both which made sense in the context of the type of meditation I practice and learned from my spiritual Master, H.H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj.

Perspective #1: Meditation – It’s Not What You Think

Some of the lyrics to theme song for the blockbuster movie, Transformers, are: “Transformers, more than meets the eye…” because the seemingly ordinary cars and trucks actually turn into live robots.

The theme song applies to meditation too. From the outside, it appears that meditation is about relaxing the body, de-stressing, and making ourselves more peaceful. While these benefits do come from meditation, there’s a much  deeper level to it.

Meditation is actually the pathway for us to know our true selves as at the level of the soul. It’s the way to connect with the God-power inherent within each of us so that we can ultimately reunite our soul with God and fulfill the purpose of our existence in the physical body.

As one of the many catchy bumper stickers I saw in California said: “We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience. We’re spiritual beings havin a human experience.”

So meditation is really our way out of the attachment to the outer physical world, and the way back into the inner spiritual realms that we’ve lost touch with.

Perspective #2: Meditation…It’s Not What You Think

As we look at this phrase, we can also consider the mind. When we’re meditating properly, we’re stilling the body and stilling the mind. We want to focus our attention within ourselves instead of letting the mind take us out into the physical world through our thoughts.

If during meditation we’re thinking about what we’re going to make for dinner, or a stressful situation at work, or about a family member who is going through a difficult time, we’re not meditating — we’re thinking.

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Meditation is actually about NOT thinking. But those of us who have tried meditating have discovered that the mind likes to be busy and it’s not quick to settle. Knowing this, we can befriend the mind by letting it quietly and lovingly repeat a name of God that we feel comfortable with at slow intervals to keep it occupied while we meditate. This way we are not distracted by thoughts and we can focus our attention on what lies in front of us as our eyes are closed.

So It’s True! Mediation…It’s Not What You Think

Meditation is not only what we may traditionally think of it as —  a way to calm down, relax, and de-stress. Those are wonderful by-products of meditation, but there’s much more to meditation than meets the eye from the outside.

And it’s not about what we think during meditation. In fact, when we’re truly meditating, we want to NOT be thinking so that all of our attention can be focused within.

So if it’s not what we think, what is meditation?

It’s the process of stilling our body and mind so that we can first, and foremost have an experience of ourselves as soul. When we do this, peace and relaxation will naturally result, but by knowing what meditation really is, we can develop even more passion and zeal for sitting daily for our meditations and start making progress toward the true purpose of our life; to know ourselves and know God. As Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj says,

Once we experience the realms within and realize that we are soul, we recognize our immortality and we commune with God. By learning the art of meditation and pursuing the path of inner Light, we experience a bliss and joy undreamed of in this world.

Comment Time! What does the phrase, “Meditation…It’s Not  What You Think,” bring up for you? Join the conversation below…

6 Responses to “Meditation..It’s Not What You Think”

  1. Gloria Jeanne Says:

    My dad, who knows a lot about a lot, being 91 (so I respect him, love him) thinks you can “be still”, enough when you are dead! . But all initiates know, meditating is not a physical plane death, but a birth into the spiritual realm. I ry to explain that to him, but he still chuckles! I had a grandfather who often reclined back and gazed at the stars. My father called it day dreaming..but those of us who know the truth, know what it really means. And my grandfather knew, as we do. Death is not the end. Not even the physical death, but the beginning, a spiritual birth.

  2. Mona Says:

    @Gloria Thank you for sharing those sweet stories and memories about your dad and grandfather. Meditation as a spiritual birth is a beautiful perspective to have.

  3. Gloria Burlein Says:

    Thank you Mona for your reply. I wasn’t sure if I could describe my understanding of what you explained and what it means to me and my family. Thank you for clarifying my thoughts! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  4. Maya Asarpota Says:

    Many people link meditation with yoga and the verbal chanting of a mantra. They think of meditation as a yogic pose. People are very surprised and disbelieving when I tell them that the body, mind, intellect and soul are all different parts of the whole and these parts can be seperated during the process of meditation. That meditation is about knowing yourself and linking your soul to God is something not everyone can believe.

  5. naini kakkar Says:

    how does meditation help in academic proficiency

    • Mona Says:

      @Naini – While academic proficiency is not the main goal of meditation, it’s definitely one of the byproducts of an accurate meditation practice. When we’re meditating, we’re focusing our attention within, and when we’re studying, we also need to be able to focus. So the focus we learn to have during meditation can help us in so many areas of our lives – including our academics. Thank you for the question!

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