Why I Visit the Science of Spirituality Meditation Center So Often

by Mona Grayson

Science of Spirituality offers so many great programs at its Naperville meditation center and around Chicago. They are always free, informative, and inspiring. But among my favorites are what the Center calls satsangs. These are uplifting spiritual programs that explore the teachings of the spiritual Masters of the Sant Mat lineage and offer group meditation. I love attending satsang!

The word “satsang” literally means “to be with truth,” and it’s during these programs that we get to focus on the truth about who we really are as souls and have a firsthand experiences of that inner dimension of ourselves as we meditate.

I actually moved to the Chicagoland area from California last year to be closer to the Science of Spirituality Meditation Center so I could see H.H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj when he’s in town, and be able to attend the satsangs held regularly at the center…

When Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj is in the Chicago area, he leads the Naperville center programs. When he is in India or on tour, events continue with regular satsangs and community meditation.

What is it about satsang that I like so much?

Here are 4 reasons I go to satsang each week…

1) For Spiritual Recharging

Being at satsang is like pushing the reset button so I can focus my attention back on what really matters — God. Once I’m refocused on that, I can carry that loving connection into my day-to-day life so that everything is easier, more enjoyable, and feels better.

2) To Meditate

Meditation is included in each satsang program and there’s something really special about sitting in a group for silent meditation — especially when we’re all focused on the same goal: knowing ourselves at the level of the soul. The meditation chapel at the Science of Spirituality Center is beautiful and I’m grateful that when I go to meditate there I know I’ll be able to focus without distractions and temptations like sometimes happen when I’m at home.

3) To Be in Like-Minded Company

The Masters encourage us to be mindful of the company that we keep because the behaviors and thoughts of others can impact our own. When we’re around people who drink alcohol for example, we’ll be more likely to adopt that behavior too. Similarly, when we’re around people who are focused on leading ethical lives that are focused on God, those behaviors and ways of living will be encouraged in us also. I’ve met such friendly and loving people at satsang – so sweet!

4) To Retrain My Mind

Sure, the mind can think of lots other things I could do and places I could go than satsang: I could go to the movies. I could go out to dinner with friends. I could drive into the city and go to the theater. I could stay home and clean out my closets or hang out online with friends on Facebook.

While those things may be fun or seem important, they’re not my true priority in life. By going to satsang, I’m showing my mind what I’m truly interested in. The more I do this, the more my mind gets on board with having my soul be a priority in my life, and the more my attention can be spiritually focused even when I’m not at satsang.

All Are Welcome!

If you’d like some spiritual recharging, to sit in meditation together with other like-minded people, and be reminded of your true nature as soul, you’re welcome to join us for these free spiritual programs. For starters, I recommend the main satsang every Sunday at 2:30 PM. You’ll get the best exposure to the Sant Mat teachings at that program, as well as meditation instructions and a group sitting.

After the satsang program, be sure to ask for me — Mona Grayson — so we can say hi!

5 Responses to “Why I Visit the Science of Spirituality Meditation Center So Often”

  1. Elisabeth Treefon Says:

    Mona, this is so true. Come to think of it, these are the reasons I come to the Center too. Thanks for writing

  2. neeta mohandas Says:

    hi mona…
    nice to hear from u after so long…:)….i liked the ‘reset’ button u spoke about…truly …its really as if He presses it for us….esp when He’s there….i felt the same when i was in delhi last oct…..the atmosphere’s really ‘out of this world’ when He’s around…
    wish i could be more in the company of the Master more often :(…but as my dad says….n he quotes M K on this …where even two satsangis sit to listen to a satsang …the Master is present there….so i try not missing weekly satsangs at our local center here in dubai ….but it sure is different when He’s present :)

  3. Mona Says:

    @Elisabeth – Yes! Getting to spend time with friends like you is one of the super special benefits of being at the Center! No matter what part of the world or country we’re coming from, we can all be together focused on the same things. So beatiful. See you again in the spring!

    @Neeta – Yes! When Maharaj Ji is physically present at the satsangs it’s an extra special bonus for sure. Being able to sit in company with our spiritual brothers and sisters when it’s not possible or convenient to attend an official satsang is a tremendous blessing. I’m glad to hear from you too. : )

  4. ona Says:

    Hi Mona,
    You are so sweet, kind and very helpful to everyone. Thank you so much!
    I love to attend regular weekly satsangs and meditations. Sometimes, if I can’t to attend satsang I feel so bad and my heart is broken.
    Sant Mat path changed my life totally. Especially having a Wonderful Gracious Living Master H.H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj!!! His unconditional Love and Grace are undescribable…
    Thank You, Beloved Master, thank you, Mona and all brothers and sisters for Your Love, for Your teachings , joy and happiness!

    Love You! We all are One!

    With love Ona

    • Mona Says:

      Dear Ona – Me too…if I miss a satsang I really feel it and when I get back to satsang the next time it’s like ahhhh! A breath of fresh air for sure. Thank you for being a part of what makes the Science of Spirituality Center so special too. We are all so fortunate. ~Namaste~

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