Get Your Whole Self in Shape!

We don’t usually write much about nutrition. We leave that to our sister blog, But March is National Nutrition Month and we really like this year’s slogan: “Get Your Plate in Shape.”

Nutrition can be such a large and daunting topic. Applying that wonderful motto–one plate at a time–seems like a great approach. Every plate is a composite of servings, and for many of us some of those servings are healthy and some are not. Analyzing each part of our plate should make the job much easier (and much less painful). Maybe today swap those chips for carrots, that soda for juice, or the cupcake for a piece of fruit. Then repeat with tomorrow’s plate.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has a blog that might give you some tips. This week their focus is something we can all use—reduce your salt intake. It seems like a sensible approach: start small and go step-by-step.

Come to think of it, wouldn’t our spiritual health benefit from the same approach? Think of each day as our spiritual meal and each hour as a serving. Are we filling our selves with junk food? Or are we nourishing our soul?  We all know the big offenders—TV, the Internet, etc.—and we all have our favorite comfort foods. Just as what we put into our body determines our health, how we spend our time makes us who we are.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj writes:

As we look into the future, our involvement should be with those activities which are going to bring us closer and closer to God. Any activity that takes us away from God is something that we should stay away from, because this human life does not have enough hours to be meddling in those activities that take us away from our true goal, which is to merge our soul in God. As we try to reach that goal, as we try to reach the goal of being able to be in a state of bliss at all times, then what we need to do is to work on ourselves.

We should look at ourselves. We should analyze what we have been doing. We should not be critical or criticize ourselves, but we should be very just when we start to see what has been happening in our lives. When we take a look at ourselves and what has been going on in our lives we should ask if those activities are going to help us reach our goal. Now if we are on the right track, we will definitely reach our goal. But if what we have been doing is not bringing us closer to God, is not bringing us closer to our goals, we need to change course.

“Changing course….” That’s what National Nutrition Month is all about. And so is spiritual transformation. We all can take a good look at the plate of our daily life and begin to replace unhealthy habits and activities with those that bring real spiritual nourishment.

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