Meditation and the River of Light

In Sunday’s spiritual discourse, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke about Earth Day, which was celebrated internationally on that day, April 22. He spoke at length about our responsibility to cherish and protect Earth and its resources, as gifts from the Creator and as a legacy to our children and theirs. In fact, there has been a great emphasis among modern Sant Mat Masters on ecology and respect for nature and the natural resources upon which our existence depends.

Of course, the main work of spiritual Masters is to awaken humanity to the higher realities within, and Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj soon segued from concern over our earthly home to the call of divine consciousness that summons each of us, as souls, to ourĀ  eternal Home.

He shared a wonderful analogy, contrasting the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee, both in Israel. These two bodies of water could not be more different. The Sea of Galilee is lush and picturesque, vibrant with a rich ecosystem of plant life, fish, and other creatures. It is a popular picnic area, playground for children, and choice vacation spot for families.

By contrast, the Dead Sea is literally dead. No fish. No animals. No plant life. No one visits its shores to vacation or have fun.

Meditation and Spirituality

Discourse by
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Sunday, April 29, 2:30 PM
Pipers Hall
1295 Butterfield Road
Aurora, IL
map it


The remarkable thing is, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj pointed out, both seas are fed by the same source–the Jordan River. Similarly, he said, all the wonders of God flow into each of us at every moment. God’s light and love, compassion and grace enliven and sustain us whether we are aware of them or not.

The question is, what are we doing with these gifts? Are we enjoying and benefiting from them by directing our efforts and our passion godward? Or, are we stagnating by channeling all of our time and attention only outwardly, into the world and its transitory pleasures?

The starting point to fill our life with the abundance of divinity, he explained, is meditation.

All souls are journeying on the river of Light that flows from God through all the regions of creation. The souls are journeying back to God on the current of Light and Sound. This river flows out from God and also returns to God. We can tap into this river each time we sit in meditation. The entry point for the river is at our third or single eye. If we can still our body and mind long enough, our consciousness will withdraw to the entry point and become immersed in the river of Light. This river will take the soul to the astral, causal, and supracausal planes, until it ultimately merges with God.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj then led the audience in a few peaceful moments of meditation.

It was a rewarding afternoon, filled with wisdom and the upliftment that only the fountainhead of a realized spiritual being can pour into our lives.

Next Sunday, April 29, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj speaks again in Aurora at 2:30 PM. Please consider joining us for what may be the final event on his spring USA tour.

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  1. Susan Francis Says:

    I enjoyed this article. Thank you

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