Why Is Life so Hard Sometimes?

As part of the Naperville meditation center’s half-day Saturday workshop/retreat series, Mona Grayson will lead a program on May 5 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM. A snack will be provided. See the Events page for details. You are then welcome to stay on for the 6:30 PM question/answer session with Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj.  His final discourse of this visit to the Chicago area will take place the following Sunday, May 6. See the left column for details.

by Mona Grayson

When things are going the way we want them to, life is good, right? We love it when our kids are doing well in school, when we have enough money to pay the bills (and then some!), and when our spouses, friends, and coworkers agree with us.

In times like these we feel like we are in God’s favor — like we’re being taken care of in the best possible way.

Even getting an up-front parking space at the grocery store can make us feel like everything is right in the world.

But when painful or scary things happen, whether they happen to us, our loved ones, or in the world around us, it can leave us feeling hurt, abandoned by God, and wondering how to make sense of it all.

While we may wish that things would go our way all the time and that everyone could be happy and peaceful, the truth of the matter is that no matter how hard we try, things continue to happen in life that we don’t like, enjoy, or want.

Rather than spend our lives trying to prevent all the things we don’t like from happening, or falling to pieces every time they do, we need to accept that these challenging events are bound to occur. It’s part of the human experience. From that point, it then helps to put these challenging events in context and re-strengthen our commitment to fulfilling our true life’s purpose.

The saints and mystics tell us that there’s more to life than meets the eye. Life is not just about being born, growing up, working, raising a family, retiring, and dying.

They tell us that our true purpose of being here in the physical form is to know ourselves at the level of the soul

– which means getting beyond the thinking that the outside world is all that matters.

The saints also tell us that through meditation, and through experiencing the realms of existence within, we can come to understand the true reality — which is that our soul has transmigrated through millions and millions of life forms, and that during those lifetimes, our souls have accumulated karmas.

From this enlightened vantage point, the saints and mystics have seen (and encourage us to make the journey within to see for ourselves) that our soul is now covered with layers and layers of mind, matter, and illusion that need to be shed so that we can return to our pristine existence of Light and Love as pure soul.

As long as there is karma associated with our soul, we will continue to be at the mercy of the wheel of transmigration.

Every life form has a soul that is on a journey to return back to Source, to Oneness. Every life form is on a journey to merge back in the Creator or God. But there’s only one way that can happen…

Being blessed with the human form in this incarnation, it is our chance (our big chance!) to wind these karmas up so that we can fulfill our soul’s journey. The saints know that it’s only in the human form that we can burn our karmas by going through various life experiences, focusing our attention within during meditation, and doing selfless service for others. No other life forms have the power to discriminate and make choices in this way. But we do!

So during an upcoming interactive half-day retreat, we’ll explore why life is so hard sometimes by understanding the role karma and free will play in our past, present, and future so that we can move through life with more ease and gratitude instead of being tossed around by challenging events that happen in our lives. We hope you and your friends can join us for this thought-provoking and empowering meditation retreat.

3 Responses to “Why Is Life so Hard Sometimes?”

  1. ray baguilat Says:

    Very good enlightening prologue. I plan to attend barring unforeseen or unavoidable situations that will prevent me from attending. Thanks.

  2. Janey Says:

    This sounds wonderful. Your article itself is so inspiring. I’m really looking forward to it.

  3. prakash makhija Says:

    sheer enlightment.

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