What better step can we take for ourselves than to make meditation part of our life? Whether we call it contemplation, mindfulness, or prayer with attention, every great spiritual tradition recommends some form of meditation to open ourselves to the profound love and peace within us as inherently spiritual beings.

There are many reasons to meditate. Doctors routinely prescribe meditation for stress relief and stress-related illnesses. Meditation warms our relationships by making us more genuine and patient and loving. By increasing our attentiveness and concentration, meditation enhances our work efficiency and productivity. And today meditation has become a vital part of athletic, creative, and other endeavors that demand optimal physical or mental performance.

These are all good reasons to meditate. But Science of Spirituality believes the most rewarding dimension of meditation is depth and richness that contact with the divinity within brings to our lives. As Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj says,

When we meditate, divine love of God touches our soul. It permeates our being and fills us with love and bliss. Contact with this rapturous power transmutes us into itself. As a result, we become more loving. We develop a sweetness and kindness that radiates from our very soul.

The meditation practice taught by Science of Spirituality is unique in its simplicity and effectiveness. In India, where this method originated, it is described by the word sehaj, which means easy or natural. Unlike many techniques, this method requires no strenuous breath control, rigorous postures, or austere lifestyle. It can be practiced by the young or old, healthy or infirm, even by someone with a disability. We can easily add this meditation to our daily routine and practice it in the comfort of our homes, while sitting in a train—anywhere we can sit quietly and look within.

This technique relies on the natural tendency of our spiritual consciousness to emerge when the body and mind are stilled. When we withdraw our attention from the senses and the outer world and direct it within, we experience that we are not the body and mind we now take ourselves to be. We enter higher states of spiritual awareness and recognize ourselves as soul, a spiritual essence beyond the body and mind. As we focus within, our soul is uplifted by a powerful spiritual force known as Shabd. This divine current manifests within us as the mystical light and sound often referred to by saints and mystics. It is the Word of the Bible and the Naam, Udgit, Jyoti, Sruti, and Kalma of other scriptures. Like a boat on a river, our soul is effortlessly carried on this stream toward the ocean of spiritual consciousness from which it emanated. Nothing in life compares with the bliss, joy, and peace we gain from this experience.

We need not leave our religion to enjoy the benefits of meditation. This practice leads to the transcendent experience at the heart of religion. Nor must we abandon our families or professions. Meditation is not an escapist path of self-denial; it is dynamic and life-affirming. Beholding God’s light in ourselves, we begin to see that same light in others. We see everyone as members of the one family of God and are inspired to use our talents for the good of others. This transformation is not a forced discipline, but flows spontaneously from the wellspring of divinity within us. The more we perfect our meditations, the more we love and are loved.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj teaches two forms of meditation. Jyoti Meditation is an introductory technique. We focus our attention at the third or single eye (between and behind the eyebrows) and contact the Light within. Initially we see darkness, but as we continue to gaze in front of us, Light will sprout forth. Becoming absorbed in the Light grants further progress.

Should you decide to become initiated into the Sant Mat teachings, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj teaches you Shabd Meditation, which has a more advanced Light practice, as well as a technique for meditating on the divine Sound Current. Absorption in this mystical current carries the soul into the spiritual regions within under the guidance and protection of the spiritual form of the Master.

Meditation won’t eliminate life’s problems. Joy and sorrow are part of life. But meditation alters our perspective by anchoring us in a higher reality. We come to view life’s conflicts and difficulties as so many passing storms. We know that beyond life’s shifting clouds, clear blue skies glow with God’s radiant Light. Any time we like we can close our eyes, silence our thoughts, and experience the amazing qualities of the soul that is our true nature. As Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj says,

True joy is not as elusive as we think. We can find lasting happiness if we only look in the right place. Within us lies the unlimited power and energy of the empowered soul. Its rich qualities include wisdom, fearlessness, immortality, unconditional love, connectedness, and bliss. Tapping into the soul and its powers can enrich and transform our lives.

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