Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

His Holiness Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s life and work can be summed up as a continuous journey of love and selfless service. He has helped people from all walks of life, from every corner of the earth, to connect to their true selves by learning the art of meditation on the inner Light and Sound of God. He takes nothing for himself, but gives freely of his time, compassion, and endless store of divine love. His well of inner peace is so deep and profound that he transforms the lives of those he meets.

Born in India on September 20, 1946, and educated as a scientist in the United States, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj has a keen understanding of both mysticism and science. His training in both of these disciplines has helped him express the age-old mystical teachings in clear, logical language. He has said,

Science and spirituality make a great partnership. If those engaged in science spend time in the silence of their selves, inspiration will come and lead them to the answers they seek. If those interested in spirituality apply the scientific law of testing a hypothesis in the laboratories of their own bodies, they will find results. Each person is capable of success in proving spiritual truths. Such pursuits can make the world a better place as well as uncover the purpose of our lives.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s talks have been broadcast internationally on radio and television, and his publications include books in many languages and hundreds of articles on spiritual topics. His latest English books with corresponding Spanish and Hindi translations include: Spiritual Pearls for Enlightened Living (Radiance Publishers); Silken Thread of the Divine (SK Publications); Inner and Outer Peace Through Meditation (Radiance Publishers); and Empowering Your Soul Through Meditation (Radiance Publishers).

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj hosts annual conferences on mysticism, spirituality, and peace in India and abroad.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s consistent message—to establish human unity at the level of the soul thereby transcending racial, cultural, national, religious and economic differences—has led him to participate in conferences throughout the world. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, he led an audience of thousands in meditation at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. He received a peace award from the Interfaith Center of New York and the Temple of Understanding. He has spoken at a ceremony honoring UN Secretary Kofi Annan and was a featured spiritual leader at the 2000 Millennium Peace Summit of religious and spiritual leaders held at the United Nations.

In his interview with “The New York Times”, he said that world peace could be a reality when each person finds peace within through meditation. To further this end, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj convenes two annual conferences in Delhi, India—the Global Conference on Mysticism in September and the International Conference on Human Integration in February. During these events, tens of thousands of people come from all over India and many parts of the world to participate. Leaders from different faith traditions meet together on a common platform and share their ideas. Even those participants not aligned with a particular religion find in these conferences a wisdom that helps them deepen their relationship with the Divine.

When you meet Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, he may greet you with folded hands. This is a traditional form of greeting in the East, which means "I bow to the God in you." It is customary to return the greeting with the same gesture.

Since his mission began in 1989 at the direction of Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj (1921-1989), Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj has devoted his life to helping others realize the power of their souls and to relieving human suffering. His message is a practical prescription for global peace:

Within us is a divine spirit from which our intelligence and wisdom is derived. The process of accessing that inner divine spirit, intelligence and wisdom is called meditation; if we transform knowledge to wisdom by meditating and experiencing the driving force behind all existence then we have the key to human unity. This experience will transform our individual life and the lives of those around us. These individual transformations will ultimately bring unity and peace at the community, national and global levels. (From a speech on Leadership given to the United States Coast Guard Academy)

As founder of Darshan Education Foundation, he has established seventeen Darshan Academies (K-12) in India which integrate both meditation and a spiritual curriculum into a traditional academic environment. The Foundation’s goal is to produce students whose spiritual potential is developed together with their intellectual quotient and whose world view is unobstructed by distinctions of race, nationality, religion or economic status.

As head of Science of Spirituality / Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission, he inspires the organization’s humanitarian efforts throughout the world. To date, the mission has raised and distributed aid for tsunami victims by collecting and disseminating food and clothing and building new schools in disaster areas; raised funds for victims of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans; rebuilt an entire village in India after the Gujarat earthquake; sent financial relief to earthquake survivors in Central and South America. The mission also participates in blood donation drives, free eye-operation camps, and many other service projects.

If you follow Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj anywhere in the world, you will discover a trail of awards and tributes in his wake. Recently, at the 23rd International Human Unity Conference in Delhi, India (2006) he received a special tribute from the Michigan State Legislature for his achievements in the area of human unity, which states “the cumulative effect of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s efforts is an evolving but rapidly growing awakening that is helping humanity achieve a new level of cooperation and widespread individual enlightenment and peace.”

During the 24th International Human Unity Conference convened in Bogota, Cali and Medellin, Colombia (2007), he received gubernatorial and mayoral tributes for his work in the areas of spirituality, human unity, peace and children’s education. As an illustrious scientist with a long career in one of the world’s leading research labs, his graduate school alma mater, Illinois Institute of Technology, honored him with a distinguished alumni award for his achievements in these areas. He has received five honorary doctorates for his work on behalf of peace and human unity.

Wherever his travels take him—throughout Europe, Africa, Australia, India, or the Americas—Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s message gleams with the noble principles of human unity, spiritual fellowship and selfless service, emphasizing prayer and meditation as the true building blocks for achieving peace.

Just as electricity flowing through lamp bulbs of many shapes and sizes produces the same light, so does the Light of the Creator shine in different forms, from humans to animals, fish, birds, and reptiles. Through meditation, we see life as one. Then, we live human unity and radiate that example. (From an address given at the 18th International Human Unity Conference in Munich, Germany)

Millions of people all over the world look to Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj for spiritual guidance, advice and inspiration. As a spiritual Master, his role is to help us recognize that we are soul and are a part of God. He offers a simple, effective method of meditation that leads to profound personal transformation and spiritual transcendence. He gives freely of his time, charging no admission for his talks, conferences, and meditation sessions. This is indeed a unique attribute, one he shares with all his predecessors who unanimously have claimed that “spirituality is free” like the sun which shines and the air we breathe.

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